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Reading glasses are spectacles with single vision lenses, which correct ametropia in a single distance. Depending on the ametropia the wearer suffers from, reading glasses with a customised single vision lens should be chosen.

Pharmacy reading glasses are used by people who are beginning to suffer from vision problems at near distances. More and more people suffer from presbyopia or eyestrain in our country. The solution is quality reading glasses from Nordic Projekt.

Nordic Projekt has redesigned the reading glasses, giving them a more modern, fresher and more common look. Nordic Vision reading glasses help with eyestrain, better near vision and avoid headaches. 

reading glasses

Why wear reading glasses

From the age of 40 onwards, people start to suffer from presbyopia or eyestrain. By the age of 65, 98% of people suffer from presbyopia. Presbyopia can be a hindrance to the enjoyment of everyday life.

There are two types of reading glasses on the market today; full-frame reading glasses and narrow-frame reading glasses.

Full frame reading glasses

Full frame reading glasses are ideal for people who spend a lot of time concentrating on viewing material up close. Reading glasses provide a wider field of vision for reading.

Narrow frame reading glasses

Narrow frame reading glasses allow you to look down and see your work up close. This style of reading glasses was made popular by former U.S. President Benjamin Franklin.

Advantages of reading glasses

Made to measure

Reading glasses can be custom-made for each individual at an optician’s or can be purchased pre-assembled at any drugstore or department stores’, these glasses are known as drugstore reading glasses.

Wide variety of styles and colours

Drugstore reading glasses are available in many fun colours and styles, which allow you to experiment with fashion, to buy a pair of glasses that are a little extravagant without risking a lot of money.

Reading glasses also allow the wearer to store extra pairs in different rooms of the house, as well as in their vehicle, office, briefcase, purse, bag, boat and more.

reading glasses

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