hebillas para cinturones

With our way of dressing, with the garments we choose, we make our style and our personality clear. But the details are what give the final touch to our outfit and end up personalizing our appearance. Among all the accessories, one of the most customizable and most forgotten are the belt buckles. In the market we can find a wide variety of belt buckles with the most diverse designs. Surely we have some to identify with and to create our own style. At Corbeto’s Boots they have a great selection of belt buckles. More than 100 references with different models. Let’s take a look to see what we find.

Country style belt buckles

At Corbeto’s Boots they specialize in cowboy style fashion. When you walk into his Barcelona store, the first thing that surprises you is the incredible collection of cowboy boots and hats and that smell of leather. So it is normal to find an amazing collection of country-themed belt buckles with incredible designs.

Hebillas de cinturon estilo country

Rockabilly style belt buckles

The rockabilly look is characterized by its unique and characteristic personality. A style that you can highlight even more by wearing belt buckles with designs related to the theme. Corbeto’s Boots has a whole collection: buckles with poker cards, various designs related to rock n ’roll, or classic icons such as route 66 or rock symbols.

Hebillas para cinturones estilo rockabilly

Biker buckles

Another style that also encourages the use of belt buckles to tune the look is the biker. We can find various belt buckles with a biker design, such as buckles with motorcycle chains, motifs with skulls, the classic Café Racer, designs based on Route 66, beer brands or malt crosses.

hebillas moteras

Belt buckles with Indian motifs

Another classic of belt buckles are Indian motif buckles. They add to your style a look that mixes the rebellious and the bohemian. At Corbeto’s Boots you can find rectangular or oval buckles with designs that range from the classic Native American mosaic with inlaid turquoise to profiles of Indian chiefs, through buckles of animals such as wolves or buffalo.

Hebillas para cinturones con motivos indios

Elvis Buckles

Are you passionate about The King? What less than to record at least with a belt buckle. Corbeto’s Boots has a whole collection of belt buckles related to the Memphis star. With the greatest milestones of his biographies and with his most iconic images.

Hebillas de Elvis

Letter belt buckles

Another very interesting option is to wear an elegant cowboy style buckle in aged metal with a letter engraved inside. The initial of your name or the person you want to remember the most.

Hebillas para cinturón con letras

At Corbeto’s Boots they have many more belt buckles to choose from. Surely you will find one that you like. You just have to stop by to take a look.

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