Blundstone boots, strength and resistance

botas blundstone

Do you need boots that serve you both for a hard mountain hike and to travel the streets of your city? If so, you are looking for a solid and resistant footwear while elegant. The answer is in the legendary Blundstone boots.

To know everything you need about Blundstone boots we have talked with our friends of Corbeto’s Boots, one of the main Blundstone distributors in our country.

blundstone boots

Blundstone boots, authentic Australian tradition

Upon arriving in Australia in 1850, John Blundstone already had in mind to follow his father’s dream of creating the most comfortable and durable boots. In 1870, in Tasmania, a tough Australian region, the first specimens began to be manufactured. At the beginning it was a boot oriented to the harsh working conditions that demanded the life of the late nineteenth century and the extreme terrain of the south of the island.

With the passage of time, the Australian brand has been adapting to the needs of the people. Creating increasingly versatile models, increasing comfort and durability but always maintaining that spirit of solidity and resistance.

After decades of design and innovation Blundstone has created a varied catalog that goes beyond its famous chelsea boots with elastic on the sides: rubber boots, safety shoes with laces, heavy industrial footwear, school shoes or casual boots.

blundstone boots

Blundstone, synonymous with quality

Probably, Blundstone boots and boots are the most comfortable, durable and resistant on the entire market. It is a shoe that is characterized by its resistance, its own natural beauty and its distinctive appearance and appearance.

Made with the same processes of the late nineteenth century, Blundstone boots maintain a unique, iconic and resistant appearance that give you the feeling of feeling at home, wherever you are.

The key? Safety above all. From its first pair of boots, Blundstones follows the philosophy that there is nothing more beautiful than a pair of boots that keep you safe. For that reason, all of its basic safety boots include steel toes. In addition, depending on the models, they have boots with additional safety measures to offer us the best protection against impacts and penetration, resistance to cuts, heat, chemicals, chafing forces, electrical hazards and any other strange stimuli.

If you want to know more about Blundstone boots and ankle boots or you are simply determined to get a pair, do not hesitate to visit the Corbeto’s Boots website. You will find everything from the most classic ankle boots for men with rubber soles to the authentic aged leather chelsea boots.

botas blundstone

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