Western boots are no longer the exclusive preserve of cowboy style lovers, but the ultimate cry in street style. And the western aesthetic is very fashionable, each one can create their own version of the trend.

Cowboy high boots by Corbeto's Boots

The combination of western boots with jeans always works, but now it goes further: they also wear them with dresses, and they are phenomenal.

With western aesthetic pants are a plus and to highlight a garment of basic garments are a stroke of style. In addition, like all the accessories with personality, the cowboy boots you have to know how to wear them and that is an incentive.

Whether it’s denim shirts or white shirts, message shirts or knit jumpers, cowboy boots are irresistible.

Like the great collection that Corbeto’s Boots proposes, western boots made by hand with skins of the best quality. They present a variety of designs, skins and finishes: fine, medium or round tip, high or medium cane … In skins of cattle, snake, goat, alligator or blanket stripe and colors like red, black, brown, cognac, white gray and blue. Also finishes that make the difference as twisted skin, oiled skin, aged leather, shiny or worn skin ….

If you still do not have a cowboy boots as a wardrobe bottom, it is better to put a solution because you can take an incredible match


The question makes a lot of sense, because being a complement with a strong personality, you have to know how to combine them. As we have said, western boots are now worn in all areas, not just for country-inspired moments.

Mid-calf western women's boots

If they are going to be taken to the office, it is preferable to combine them with basic items, such as a denim shirt and a plain white shirt. When we do not know how to combine powerful boots, the basics are always a hit.

On whether to wear the pants inside or outside of the cowboy boots, will depend on several factors. In male looks it is preferable to wear the pants on the outside, especially if you are looking for a western but urban style.

In feminine looks, jeans or wide khaki pants will be great inside a western high boots. Women can also wear them with mini skirts or mini dresses, with skinny jeans, shorts and printed long dresses.

The average or high cane will also depend on the season or style of each one. In general the boots of high cane will be better if the rest of the attire are basic garments, will be compensated of wonder.


Western short-leg boots from the Corbeto's Boots store

The power of the western boots as a complement requires self confidence to wear them.

They have the capacity to attract attention like few others, so you have to be aware that you have a very special accessory.

Western boots are not to be worn with the first garment you have on hand. But that is precisely one of the things that this type of boots generate so much attraction.

The worn jeans of medium and dark colors are the most combinable with cowboy boots for men. Also jeans of brown, black or beige color if combined with the color of the boots.

With the dress pants, the low-cut boots of highly polished leather are preferable.

The proper length of the pants is another factor to consider. Cowboy boots usually have a higher heel than standard shoes. It will be necessary to check then that the length of the trousers is what we are looking for, something that is very personal. Almost as much as the western boots: very personal.

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