When we talk about timeless looks one of the first things that comes to mind is how practical they are: they do not go out of style. They are therefore a good investment as they are garments that we will take much advantage of.

 Cowboy shirts are a good example of this, and they can not be missing in a self-respecting wardrobe. There are times when they walk stronger than others, but the truth is that cowboy shirts are always in fashion. Adaptable to all styles and above all, very flattering, cowboy shirts are a perfect piece that prevails to all trends.

Following the same wake of the denim shirts, the Ranger’s shirts reconcile the western style with the denim fabric, resulting in a unique garment. They are shirts that complement perfectly with jeans, and if we add a cowboy boots the effect can not be more personal.

Even so, many Ranger’s shirts in denim are usually simple lines that are not extraneous of a certain elegance, everything will depend on how they complement each other. The models can be differentiated by the type of embroidery they wear on the front and back: they are classic embroideries of the same style as the cowboy shirts, equally timeless.


 The versatility of the cowboys shirts allows them to adapt to the different styles of the people who wear them, from the most classic to the most extravagant. If you belong to the second group, you may be seduced by a denim shirt with breastplate, the same design used by John Wayne himself in his most legendary westerns.

Impossible to forget about checkered denim shirts with enameled buttons for a genuinely country look, which as we said before, never goes out of style.

Within the varied range of cowboy shirts there are nuances that make them country shirts in every rule, both for her and for him. Shocking embroidery in white or red on a black background, are uncommon designs for looks that are both timeless and eye-catching.

In addition, they are shirts that can be worn most of the year, both in the city and in field trips. And of course as perfect attire in the “country dance” evenings.


Cowboy shirts are the product of the fusion between cowboy and Mexican culture. They are characterized by their fascinating embroidery on chest and back, which gives them spectacularity in both male and female models.

If we look for a more casual and fun look, we can opt for checkered cowboy shirts, colorful and vital, perfect for outdoor days. Many models of these shirts incorporate buttons at the height of the elbows, a very practical option at halftime if we want to roll up the sleeves with a perfect fit.

And for happy couples who like to share the same shirt model but with some nuance to differentiate, the female version can be in short sleeves and the male in long sleeves, for example.

In Corbeto’s Boots you will be able to check all the party that you can get out of the cowboy shirts in all their variants. Timeless, versatile, personal, stylish … It will be very difficult not to be conquered by any of them.

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