Now that we are in the fall, it is time to start thinking about good boots. Good boots with resistant and durable laces, the kind of a lifetime. And you won’t find anything better than the boots from the Red Wing Boots brand, authentic artisan boots made to withstand the hardest work but soft to take care of your feet. In our country you can find them in the Corbeto’s Boots store, the official point of sale of Red Wing Boots in Barcelona. And the thing is that Red Wings boots are not like the others. Red Wing Shoes has its factory in the city of the same name in the state of Minnesota. And it is one of the […]

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A few months ago, in this article, we told you about the legendary Red Wing leather ankle boots. An American boot brand that still maintains a careful artisanal manufacturing process. Red Wing Boots is one of the oldest factories in the country and stands out for its thorough artisanal manufacturing process and the quality of its materials. Before finishing the entire process and having the boot finished, all the materials and the different pieces that make it up advance along more than thirty different steps, as well as by the hands of some one hundred artisans. For this reason, Red Wings leather ankle boots are among the best in the world. The manufacture of Red Wing leather ankle boots Red […]

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Blundstone boots, strength and resistance

botas blundstone

Do you need boots that serve you both for a hard mountain hike and to travel the streets of your city? If so, you are looking for a solid and resistant footwear while elegant. The answer is in the legendary Blundstone boots. To know everything you need about Blundstone boots we have talked with our friends of Corbeto’s Boots, one of the main Blundstone distributors in our country. Blundstone boots, authentic Australian tradition Upon arriving in Australia in 1850, John Blundstone already had in mind to follow his father’s dream of creating the most comfortable and durable boots. In 1870, in Tasmania, a tough Australian region, the first specimens began to be manufactured. At the beginning it was a boot […]

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red wing boots

If you are looking for boots with sturdy and durable laces, like those of a lifetime, today we present the Red Wing Boots, the legendary boots with laces. To talk about them we have the help of Corbeto’s Boots, official selling point of Red Wing Boots in Barcelona. Red Wing is not a brand of boots like the others. With its factory located in the city of the same name, it is one of the few manufacturers that still carry out the entire process in the country. In addition, they follow the same artisan methods of when they began production in the early twentieth century. The end result is boots with high quality artisan laces, hard to resist the toughest […]

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botines cowboy mujer

A few years ago that cowboy ankle boots, have opened an important place in the world of fashion. Last year they already managed to be one of the great protagonists, reaching the top thanks to the important push of celebrities and influencers. But this year, women’s cowboy ankle boots are still going one step further by getting fashion gurus to decide that Western fashion is not only going to be another trend and, during this 2019/2020 season, they have already decided that cowboy ankle boots They are going to be the star fall / winter footwear. So, definitely, this season the cowboy boots are here to stay. And a sample of this is the effort that great designers and brands […]

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Western boots are no longer the exclusive preserve of cowboy style lovers, but the ultimate cry in street style. And the western aesthetic is very fashionable, each one can create their own version of the trend. The combination of western boots with jeans always works, but now it goes further: they also wear them with dresses, and they are phenomenal. With western aesthetic pants are a plus and to highlight a garment of basic garments are a stroke of style. In addition, like all the accessories with personality, the cowboy boots you have to know how to wear them and that is an incentive. Whether it’s denim shirts or white shirts, message shirts or knit jumpers, cowboy boots are irresistible. […]

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If you are looking for well-made and quality boots, old-style boots, to last, you are looking for Red Wing Shoes boots. And, located in the city with the same name, Red Wing Shoes is not a brand of boots like the others. It is one of the few manufacturers of American boots that still carry out the whole process in the country. And, in addition, they still follow the same methods as when they began at the beginning of the 20th century. The result is the incredible Red Wing boots, a line of craft boots, great and high quality, especially hard to resist what they throw. But soft, to take care of your feet. RED WING SHOES, THE DREAM OF A YOUNG […]

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