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If you are looking for boots with sturdy and durable laces, like those of a lifetime, today we present the Red Wing Boots, the legendary boots with laces. To talk about them we have the help of Corbeto’s Boots, official selling point of Red Wing Boots in Barcelona.

Red Wing is not a brand of boots like the others. With its factory located in the city of the same name, it is one of the few manufacturers that still carry out the entire process in the country. In addition, they follow the same artisan methods of when they began production in the early twentieth century.

The end result is boots with high quality artisan laces, hard to resist the toughest but soft work to take care of your feet.

red wing boots

The history of Red Wings Boots

This begins at the end of the 19th century with Charles Beckman, a 17-year-old German immigrant who arrives by train to the city of Red Wing in Minessota. There he finds employment in a leather factory and begins to show an avid interest in the manufacture of boots. Inspired by the desire to sell only good quality boots, shortly after he opens a shoe store. But the business does not prosper and in a short time it is forced to close. Anyway, since it is clear that finding quality boots is still complicated, he decides to become a manufacturer.

Thus, in 1905 and with the help of 14 investors who trusted his dream, he founded the Red Wing Shoes Company and created his first lace-up boots, leather work boots with buckles and laces for a more secure fit.

Later, during the 20’s, the company expanded the business in two directions. On the one hand with the creation of a line of work boots for specific occupations. On the other hand, the creation of the first female line, the Gloria boot.

During the decade of the 40 ‘the service of sale of mobile boots begins. A service that lasted until 1964. Later, in 1986, Red Wing Boots acquired the company S.B. Foot Tanning Company, a leather production facility also located in Red Wing. Thus, Red Wing Shoes is one of the few manufacturers that controls the entire manufacturing process.

red wing shoes

Boots with artisan laces

If Red Wings stand out for something, it is because of its careful craftsman manufacturing process where quality prevails. Before finalizing the whole process and having the boot finished, all the materials and the different pieces that make it up advance along more than thirty different steps, as well as by the hands of about one hundred craftsmen.

As a summary, this is the manufacturing process of Red Wing cordoned boots:

  • Cut: The shoe manufacturing process, largely unchanged since the founding of Red Wing, begins with the cut of the leather for the boot. Specially prepared leather cutters carefully place the cutting dies on each skin. As no two leather sides are the same, the selection of the best pieces is an art that only the most experienced artisans can make.
  • Assembly: The cut leather pieces are sewn to form the upper part of the boot, so the skilled sewing machine operators require careful hand-eye coordination. The same Puritan sewing machines that did the job when Red Wing was founded are still used today. In fact, many of these machines have been in operation since 1920.
  • Extension: During the extension process of the front part, the adjusted upper part is pulled over the boot, giving it its definitive shape. The leather trim is sewn with the upper and leather insole using the patented Goodyear trim fixing process in 1869.
  • Bottom: The sole is sewn or glued to the midsole, completing the manufacturing process.
  • Finish: Before being packed in boxes, all boots are carefully inspected by two neighbors. In addition, depending on the leather, each boot is cleaned, polished, brushed and finished by a team of experts.

If you are looking for the best boots or lace-up boots on the market, take a look at the catalog of Corbeto’s Boots, representatives of Red Wing Boots in our country.

red wing boots

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