Stars and Stripes, western fashion in the heart of Germany

Stars & Stripes denim clothing brand is one of the most recognised brands in the world. What is surprising for some people who love the cowboy shirts, cowboy hats and western waistcoats of this brand, is that it is a German company.

But the truth is that Stars and Stripes has already accumulated 35 years of history creating high quality products and offering an extensive and varied catalogue of more than 500 references. This long experience, together with the high quality and variety of its products, has made Stars & Stripes the most important western brand in Europe.

There are almost a thousand specialised points of sale that sell this brand’s products, such as Corbeto’s, the official Star & Stripes shop in Spain. We spoke to them to find out more about this cult German brand in western fashion.

Star & Stripes and its leadership

Stars & Stripes specialises in cowboy and cowgirl clothing, such as its famous men’s denim shirts and women’s denim shirts. But it also stands out for its accessories, which are numerous: belts, buckles, braces, bags, jewellery, cowboy hats, cowboy waistcoats, etc. Its production line has been expanding with garments and accessories related to rockabilly, line dance, or the fashion of the 40s and 50s.

Probably the secret of its success is due to the fact that the brand offers both high quality and variety of products, in equal parts. This formula is responsible for Stars & Stripes being the number one cowboy fashion brand in Europe and an international benchmark in the market.

Even TV channels and production companies contact the brand to dress their actors, as famous artists and bands choose Stars & Stripes for their costumes and accessories.

How it all started

The current CEO of Stars & Stripes, Robert Kastori, left at the age of 19 as an auto mechanic for the United States, where he spent almost a year living like a cowboy working on a farm. During a visit to Mexico, he came up with the idea of selling Mexican clothing in his native Reutlingen, returning to Germany shortly afterwards.

There he set out to transfer the “American way of living” into his head, and after a few years of retail experience in a caravan, he took the leap and founded Star & Stripes in 1988.

He started with a small catalogue, combining retail and wholesale, until 1998, when he only kept retailing under the Star & Stripes brand. In 2006, the company moved to Kirchentellinsfurt, where it has been headquartered ever since, comprising 2100 square metres of warehouse and office space. The clothing is no longer imported from the USA, but designed in Germany.

Cobeto’s Boots, a specialist in denim clothing and accessories, has been an official Stars & Stripes retailer in Spain for twenty years, and offers a wide range of their products both in their physical shop and in their online shop.

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