hebillas para cinturones

With our way of dressing, with the garments we choose, we make our style and our personality clear. But the details are what give the final touch to our outfit and end up personalizing our appearance. Among all the accessories, one of the most customizable and most forgotten are the belt buckles. In the market we can find a wide variety of belt buckles with the most diverse designs. Surely we have some to identify with and to create our own style. At Corbeto’s Boots they have a great selection of belt buckles. More than 100 references with different models. Let’s take a look to see what we find. Country style belt buckles At Corbeto’s Boots they specialize in cowboy […]

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Talking abou belt buckles irremediably suggests the classic and impressive cowboy buckles or, at best, in the spectacular friky buckles that Howard Wolowitz, the character played by Simon Helberg in the famous television series The Big Bang Theory, often wear. Although, the truth, the belt buckles of the latter are practically a thing of another world and, often, quite far from the classic designs of the characters of the Western movies or the typical rodeo cowboys. A few months ago, at the end of last year, we talked to you about the origin and history of the traditional cowboy belt buckles. If you remember, we also told you that if you are interested in the world of buckles, the best place to go […]

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