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If you are one of those who think that the rockabilly style did not go beyond the 50’s and nostalgic films like Grease, you don’t need to keep reading. Because the truth is that it is not just a look that is still very fashionable, it is a culture. And if you know what I’m talking about, then you will be interested to know where to find the most interesting rockabilly clothes in our country.

Faithfully following a style is not always easy. Especially when it is not especially popular and widespread. And when we talk about rockabilly clothes, well, it’s not something we usually find in large stores or the most commercial clothing stores.

That is why today we are going to talk to you about Corbeto’s Boots, a shop where you can unleash your instincts and rockers and get everything you need to get ready with the characteristic elegance of rockabilly style.

Are you looking for rockabilly clothes? Come to Corbeto’s

Corbeto’s Boots is well known for being an important shop for cowboy boots, western and biker fashion, country boots and so on. But the truth is that it also has an interesting section of rockabilly clothing of great brands and at very interesting prices.

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Rockabilly shirts, the basis of the look

One of the specialties of Corbeto’s Boots is denim clothing imported from the United States and Mexico. In its catalog we can find a wide collection of western shirts that range from classic Texan-style shirts, typical cowboy shirts, rockabilly shirts with yoke, pearly clip buttons and smiley pockets, to retro western-style shirts with spectacular embroidered watermarks on chest, back or sleeves like those used by Gene Autry in his performances.

If you are looking for an authentic rockabilly shirt, this is your place.

Stylish footwear

A very important detail of the rockabilly style is footwear. Finding authentic rockabilly shoes for men is not easy. But in Corbeto’s Boots you will find some really interesting pieces.

There are, for example, the Rockabilly Sendra style shoes for men red and black leather, incredible fine-toed shoes with a spectacular combination of shiny red aged leather and double mounted in black. Or the Sendra shoe for men combination white and black leather, an elegant full-brogue Oxford style rockabilly shoe. Although if your thing are the ankle boots, especially now in winter, you can choose the Sendra cowboy boots for men bright red and black leather, sober and elegant.

estilo rockabilly

The best rockabilly style accessories

In any look, the final touch is given by the accessories, and in Corbeto’s Boots you will find the best rockabilly style accessories.

It’s amazing the rockabilly patch collection that we can find, like this one from the Stray Cats. The collection of buckles with rockabilly designs also deserves a special mention, such as this buckle of playing cards with aces poker. Although something worth mentioning is the incredible collection of Elvis-related products: this vintage-style Elvis Presley rectangular buckle is an example.

And, of course, there is much more, scarves, ties, rings, tips for rockabilly shirts …

As I say, if you look for rockabilly clothes, Corbeto’s Boots is your place.

estilo rockabilly

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