A constant in the world of fashion, and therefore in the footwear, is to relive the successes of past decades. We have lived the turn of the 60’s, the psychedelic 70 ‘and the nostalgic 80′. Finally comes the turn of the 90’s’. And an essential classic of the time were the Buffalo sneakers.

Big fashion brands such as Fila, Champion or Tommy Hilfiger have sought inspiration from pop icons of the 90 ‘to launch their new lines of sneakers. But the truth is that the Buffalo sneakers had never completely disappeared.


If you are one of those who lived at the top of the 90’s, you will surely remember the Buffalo Classic. Above all, the iconic white Buffalo sneakers. With its innovative and breakthrough design for those times, with such extraordinarily wide platforms, its laces and all its velcro. Of course, his appearance was quite a boom, especially among the most passionate followers of the rave movement.

Anyway, being honest, his success came from the hand of another pop icon of the time, the Spice Girls. It was they who made the Buffalo platform sneakers an essential part of their rebellious and carefree image. Without the Spice Girl, the Buffalo sneakers would not have reached the top.

And, indeed, the 90 ‘were the golden years of the Buffalo Classic. But the truth is that they have been manufacturing uninterrupted until the year 2016. Only that, in his last years, they were already considered only as a cult shoe.

Now, taking advantage of the new winds that blow in the world of fashion, the German brand has decided to reissue its great success. Giving him a little facelift and, therefore, have started by changing the name. They are no longer the Buffalo Classic, now they are the Buffalo London.


Since its inception in the late 70’s, the goal of the German brand behind the Buffalo sneakers has always been to meet the needs of youth. At that time, the cowboy boots were fashionable, and that was the star product with which they started the business. In a short time, from being a small retail business they became a large company with national distribution.

But they did not stagnate and, observing the needs of young people, in the ’80s they designed their first sports shoes. In a short time, they were sold in 20 different color combinations. The success led Buffalo to continue growing and, by the end of the decade, it was already a recognized brand among the young public internationally.

In the mid 90’s they created their famous Buffalo platform shoes that would place them as one of the best known brands in the European market. In addition, they would get artists such as the Spice Girls, Madonna, Cher or Cameron Diaz to become stewards of their youthful and carefree style.

With the new Buffalo London, they seek to recover that spirit of youth, approaching an even younger audience, close to the image that the brand has today. In addition, these new Buffalo shoes are unisex, a pending issue of the old Classic.

Image Source: Corbeto’s Boots

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