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The 90’s are back! And with them the iconic Buffalo London are back! Tracksuits, miniskirts, bell bottoms and, of course, maxi-platforms are back. The beastly Buffalo London sneakers that made the Spice Girls so popular. The emblematic German brand has relaunched its famous Buffalo platforms with the new Buffalo Classic brand, to revive again those looks that pop culture has given us such good times. Of course, Buffalo sneakers is not a trend to match everyone. But the daring girls, young and fearless of the challenges are sure to dare with the Buffalo Classic models in white, black and beige.

The question is, and where do we buy them?

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Corbeto’s Boots your Buffalo London store

If you are looking for the most risky and innovative footwear focused on the most youthful and transgressive public. If you do not know where to buy your Buffalo London. You are in luck! You don’t have to look any further. Corbeto’s Boots is your Buffalo store.

At Corbeto’s Boots you have the opportunity to relive the 90’s by breaking all the rules. And it is that the iconic Buffalo platforms, with their unique image, their groundbreaking designs and their extreme platforms are the image of the most rebellious youth.

tienda buffalo london corbeto's boots

In the Buffalo store of Corbeto’s Boots you have the possibility to get the discreet black Buffalo sneakers. Or you can choose beige ones if you want a more daring and cheerful model. Although if you really want to stand out from the crowd, your thing is absolutely smashing white Buffalo sneakers.

You will find them available with laces or with velcro. And with 6 cm high platform soles, you are really daring with the incredible 10 cm platforms. Because in addition, the new Buffalo sneakers are unisex and serve both girls and boys.

Let yourself be surprised by its comfort, stand out from the crowd, do not think twice and stop by to buy some Buffalo London by Corbeto’s Boots, your Buffalo store.

tienda buffalo london corbeto's boots

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