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A few years ago that cowboy ankle boots, have opened an important place in the world of fashion. Last year they already managed to be one of the great protagonists, reaching the top thanks to the important push of celebrities and influencers. But this year, women’s cowboy ankle boots are still going one step further by getting fashion gurus to decide that Western fashion is not only going to be another trend and, during this 2019/2020 season, they have already decided that cowboy ankle boots They are going to be the star fall / winter footwear.

So, definitely, this season the cowboy boots are here to stay. And a sample of this is the effort that great designers and brands have made to make a place in such a disputed market. Major brands such as Louis Vuitton, Paco Rabanne, Ganni, Emporio Armani, Vetements or Isabel Marant; but also more popular and economic firms such as Zara, Mango, H&M, Stradivarius or Bershka have not been able to resist the Western style and take out their booty collections. Of course, with very different designs and styles: ankle boots low to medium cane, with animal print prints, with prints, natural leather ankle boots, exotic skins, square toe or pointed, with buckles, with rivets, in Extreme colors, with more classic designs … An almost infinite variety.

To learn more about the subject we have talked with the real experts in cowboy ankle boots, Corbeto’s, the benchmark of the western world in our country.

botines cowboy mujer

How to wear stylish women’s cowboy ankle boots

In Corbeto’s they have given us many ideas on how to wear jeans boots. And the advantage of cowboy ankle boots is its versatility. Within a street style concept, they can be combined with almost everything. The most common combination is to dress them with jeans or steamy dresses. But with a little courage, they have many possibilities.

You can wear them with short dresses or poking out under maxi-dresses. This way you get a boho touch to your look. They also go perfect with baggy pants. The wide and somewhat rigid cane of the cowboy ankle boots is ideal to wear them with the pants inside.

Although one of the most common and sophisticated street style combinations is with midi skirts. Or, if you are daring, you can add your jeans boots, ankle boots, for example, to your more working look with a pencil skirt and a lady bag.

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If you like cowboy boots choose the authentic ones

If you are attracted to the style and versatility of women’s cowboy ankle boots, why keep the imitations and not choose the authentic ones, like those of Corbeto’s? In Corbeto’s Boots they have been selling booties long before they were a trend and they are authentic experts. They only have the best brands, the most beautiful designs and the softest skins.

Unlike the “imitation” ankle boots, their cowboy ankle boots never go out of style and have been manufactured with the best materials specifically to last: high quality leather, soles and heels of genuine leather and the Goodyear sewing system that guarantees resistance and durability of each piece.

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