If you’re a real biker, you know how good biker boots have to be. Experience has already taught you what is worthwhile and what works. But if you’re starting out in the biker world, it does not hurt that someone gives you some advice.

When it comes to choosing your biker boots, it is important to find the perfect balance between comfort and safety. So it’s important to start by familiarizing yourself with some of its characteristics.

Many of these biker boots are usually homologated. That is, they have certifications that guarantee their safety when using them. And it is important that the biker boots are secure in heel, toe and sole.

They are also usually anti-torsion, something important if you wear a sports bike. In that case it is important that you choose a boot that incorporates that system in its interior and exterior.

With this in mind, let’s now look at the most important characteristics of good biker boots.

The materials of good biker boots

Choose biker boots, also known as engineer boots, of good quality leather and with a good workmanship. Giving preference to neutral colors, such as blacks or browns, that will combine with any garment.

If they carry accessories such as fringes, locks or laces, you have to observe their quality very well because those elements will affect the useful life of your boots.

The tips should be reinforced to prevent deterioration or deforming over time.

The soles

In good biker boots, the soles must be of a good material that does not wear out quickly. If you are going to use it frequently, a poor quality sole will soon have to discard your engineer boots.

Good soles have to be resistant, withstand variable temperatures and go well with the asphalt. A good option is the biker boots of Corbeto’s Boots, with special rubber and nitrile soles and Goodyear stitching.

Good biker boots should be fixed at the ankles

The main difference between any boots and biker boots is that the latter have to offer extra protection to the ankle. Usually, when a motorist slips on the asphalt the motorcycle falls on one of the ankles. That is why it is important that the boots offer a special reinforcement that protects that part of the body.

Therefore, good biker boots must have, in that area, a hard and not very flexible material that adequately protect the ankles.

Closures are also important

It is important that the boots fit us well. For this, the laces seem the best option but, when exposed to the force of the air, they can be loosened and become entangled with some part of the motorcycle. Therefore, the best option are zippers, Velcro and elastic strips.

Now you know how the best biker boots must be. Anyway, if you are looking for the best engineer boots, you will find them in Corbeto’s Boots. Do not hesitate to visit them!

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