Today we are going to talk about Mayura Boots, one of the best brands of Valverde del Camino boots. As you well know, in this town of Huelva the main brands of our country are concentrated, combining tradition, innovation and quality. If you are looking for good, durable and resistant boots, you know that with Valverde del Camino boots you will not feel disappointed. And of all the brands that are concentrated there, one of our favorites is Mayura Boots.

Mayura Boots, 50 years of tradition

In Valverde del Camino, the footwear tradition already existed since the 19th century. Until the middle of the second decade of the twentieth century, the custom was to work in small workshops that artisans had in their own homes. But, from 1912, with local industrialization, the first footwear factories that combine tradition and industrialization began to emerge.

In this context, Mayura Boots was born 50 years ago. But focusing on innovation and adapting to the interests of its customers, instead of focusing only on the classic botero rociero, typical of the region, the brand has diversified production towards other boot models: jeans boots, cowboy boots, boots of riding and, highlighting for its quality, the Mayura biker boots.

Mayura biker boots, the best choice in boots and booties to go on a motorcycle

The philosophy of Mayura Boots focuses on caring for and maintaining the original essence of its origins, rooted in the old workshops, despite using the most modern technology. In addition, for the Mayura biker boots, as for the rest of their products, the brand only uses the best materials: the best skins. Giving much importance to the design, appearance and look of their boots.

If you look at the catalog of Mayura biker boots, you will soon see the wide range of colors and design lines available, always with the touch of class and distinction of the Valverde del Camino brand.

On the other hand, not only its appearance is remarkable, since it is a particularly strong and durable boots. One of the reasons is thanks to the Goodyear sewing system, with a conscientious process of more than 250 steps practically done in an artisanal way that guarantees maximum comfort and insulation, as well as greater flexibility for the boot and a great resistance.

Your Mayura Boots online

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