Today we are going to talk about the cowboy belt buckles, the classic cowboy buckle. When you think about them, the first thing that comes to mind are the old cowboys of the Wild West. The second, are the typical rodeo cowboys of today.

But the truth is that the history of the cowboy belt buckles, or at least their appearance, is not really related to the history of the rough cowboys. Things happened a little differently.

When the first cowboy belt buckles appeared

It is true that we have in mind the iconic image of the American cowboy. And, evidently, part of her is her typical clothing with a series of indispensable elements: her hat, boots, handkerchief, and the typical belt with a remarkable cowboy buckle.

But in reality, the appearance of the authentic cowboys was far from this image. At first, they simply dressed in the oldest clothes they had. Logical since his work was very hard. And, at that time, it was not fashionable to use belts.

The belt was not introduced until the Civil War. With the soldiers came the first belts. They soon became popular and adapted throughout the world. But it was a version far removed from the current belt with a cowboy buckle. They were sliding belts.

The thing changed with the arrival of the cinema that needed to make the character of the cowboy a recognizable element. So they endowed it with the elements that, over time, have become iconic. With the first western films began to forge the image of the cowboy we all know, although the buckles for cowboy belts were still especially discreet.

It was not until the 1950s and 1960s that the actors began to use belt buckles as a distinctive element. It was then that the belt buckle was born as we know it.

The cowboy buckle today

Between the 70s and the 80s, western fashion became popular and, with it, the use of buckles for cowboy belts. But within a very specific context. It is now, after an impass, that fashion has resurfaced again but with a new perspective.

Denim fashion has been shown as one of the most intense trends of recent seasons, attracting the attention of great designers, influencers and celebrities. More than as a style in itself, it has been shown as a perfect complement with boho and ethnic touches for the streets and urban looks of our current fashion. So the cowbvoy buckle comes back with a new paper.

Where can I buy my cowboy belt buckle

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