The leather belt is one of the most essential accessories of our clothing and forms part of the origin of clothing since antiquity. The leather belt began to be used in the Neolithic period, and although initially it was used for purely practical reasons to adhere to clothing, over time its aesthetic character was reinforced.

In some ancient civilizations the leather belt was loaded with symbolism and was fundamental: for the Romans it was a symbol of power, strength and dignity. And taking a leap in time, in the Far West a cowboy belt symbolized the integrity of the cowboy, his courage and his mettle.

Throughout time, the belt has continued to be part of all costumes and styles. In addition to fastening a belt reinforces any look and harmonizes the silhouette. The jeans belts for men or women are no exception, and their variety of designs, from the simplest to the most elaborate, makes them a basic wardrobe background.

Cowhide or snakeskin leather belts, some of smooth design for day to day, others with artistic prints, American or floral motifs, reliefs, braids, inlays, interchangeable buckles …

The cowboy belts do not go out of fashion, but now they are a trend and are incorporated with force even in urban looks giving them an irresistible bohemian touch. So when it comes to buying belts online, pay attention to those of purely cowboy style: we can take pleasant surprises.


In the same way that a badly chosen belt can ruin an image composed of other prestigious garments, a suitable belt has the opposite effect: it will compensate the rest and enhance the set in a surprising way.

If for example we opt for jeans and a shirt or plain shirt, a cowboy belt will be the breaking element that will compensate the simple lines and bring charisma to the look.

And in the case of a purely country or western style, how to design clothing without a cowboy belt, such as an elegant Ranger Belts or three-piece belt, or a Sendra Boots with a spectacular cow-head buckle? From there to the rodeo there is only one step, although in the office it is not out of place knowing how to wear it, because it also adapts to more urban looks.

As we said before, not only cowboys can wear jeans belts, and western fashion is treading so hard that it has become an option to wear daily.

The line of Ariat embossed leather belts are an example of this, which also allows the exchange of buckles. Designs of cowhide leather with embossed floral style, or combination of black cowhide and embossed brown leather, with rows of real braided horsehair.

There are also classic and elegant unisex cowboy belt models, of basic western style. They are greased light brown leather belts that fit both with jeans and khaki trousers.

The Sendra Boots belts not only stand out for the beautiful oval cow head buckles of some of their models, which are also interchangeable, but for their metal appliqués and combinations in leather and snake skin.

In brown, mustard or white cow leather, aged leather or snakeskin python, a cowboy belt for men or women has become a must have.


Among the details that make up a belt, the buckle is probably the most important part, not only because without it the belt would have no reason to be, but because it largely defines its style. A large and colorful buckle has a devastating force in a look.

There are also simpler lines, and in the case of jeans if a buckle is not particularly compensated by magnificent engravings on the leather, some of them multicolored and filigree, in the purest cowboy style.

Many styles of cowboy belt have interchangeable or removable buckles that allow to create different combinations and adapt to different occasions: aged metal buckles with filigreed filigrees, some of pure cowboy style, such as the Noconda buckle with five-pointed golden star, or a buckle with horse in relief, mixed western and Indian style.

There are also interchangeable buckles unisex models, with the initial letter as protagonist on a background with cowboy prints. Other feminine western design in silver metal with embossed floral filigree and transparent crystals inlaid.

A whole universe of interchangeable cowboy style buckles to adapt to different situations, or simply to enjoy a personal style like few others.

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