A few months ago, in this article, we told you about the legendary Red Wing leather ankle boots. An American boot brand that still maintains a careful artisanal manufacturing process. Red Wing Boots is one of the oldest factories in the country and stands out for its thorough artisanal manufacturing process and the quality of its materials. Before finishing the entire process and having the boot finished, all the materials and the different pieces that make it up advance along more than thirty different steps, as well as by the hands of some one hundred artisans. For this reason, Red Wings leather ankle boots are among the best in the world.

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The manufacture of Red Wing leather ankle boots

Red Wings leather ankle boots follow a delicate thirty-step artisan process that we can summarize as follows:

  • Upper: The shoe making process begins with cutting the leather for the booty. Specially prepared leather cutters carefully place the cutting dies on each skin. Since no two leather sides are the same, selecting the best pieces is an art that only the most experienced artisans can make.
  • Fitting: The cut leather pieces are sewn to form the upper part of the booty, so skilled sewing machine operators require careful hand-eye coordination. The same sewing machines that did the job when Red Wing was founded are still in use today.
  • Spreading: During the spreading process of the front, the fitted upper is pulled over the bootie, giving it its final shape. The leather edging is sewn with the upper and leather insole using the Goodyear edging fixing process patented in 1869.
  • Bottom: The sole is sewn or glued to the midsole, completing the manufacturing process.
  • Finish: Before being packed in boxes, all booties are carefully inspected twice. Furthermore, depending on the leather, each bootie is cleaned, polished, brushed and finished by a team of experts.
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Where to buy your Red Wings

If you are looking for authentic RedWingShoes leather ankle boots, the best place to go is Corbeto’s Boots, the official Red Wing outlet in Spain. You will find a wide selection with some of the best models:

Iron Ranger Charcoal

The Iron Ranger Charcoal is a leather ankle boot with laces and greased ash leather with a rubber sole, with a classic look that stands out for its comfort and robustness. The legendary Iron Ranger model is based on the same boots worn by the miners in Minnesota – United States.

botines de piel red wing

Iron Ranger Amber Harness

The Iron Ranger Amber Harness model is a leather ankle boot laced with oiled brown leather and a rubber sole, also based on the mythical Minessota miner’s boots.

botines de piel red wings

Moc Toe Briar Oil Slick

The Moc Toe Briar Oil Slick are dark brown leather lace-up work boots with a rubber sole with a modern design but great resistance to wear.

botines de piel red wing

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