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The 90’s are back! And with them the iconic Buffalo London are back! Tracksuits, miniskirts, bell bottoms and, of course, maxi-platforms are back. The beastly Buffalo London sneakers that made the Spice Girls so popular. The emblematic German brand has relaunched its famous Buffalo platforms with the new Buffalo Classic brand, to revive again those looks that pop culture has given us such good times. Of course, Buffalo sneakers is not a trend to match everyone. But the daring girls, young and fearless of the challenges are sure to dare with the Buffalo Classic models in white, black and beige. The question is, and where do we buy them? Corbeto’s Boots your Buffalo London store If you are looking for […]

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A constant in the world of fashion, and therefore in the footwear, is to relive the successes of past decades. We have lived the turn of the 60’s, the psychedelic 70 ‘and the nostalgic 80′. Finally comes the turn of the 90’s’. And an essential classic of the time were the Buffalo sneakers. Big fashion brands such as Fila, Champion or Tommy Hilfiger have sought inspiration from pop icons of the 90 ‘to launch their new lines of sneakers. But the truth is that the Buffalo sneakers had never completely disappeared. BUFFALO SNEAKERS, REISSUING A CLASSIC If you are one of those who lived at the top of the 90’s, you will surely remember the Buffalo Classic. Above all, the iconic […]

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